2017-2019 Timelapse of the construction of the Ada Tepe factory

A large-scale industrial timelapse video production chronicling a year and a half of the construction of Dundee Precious Metals' Ada Tepe gold ore processing plant.

Ada Tepe is the first greenfield mine in Bulgaria in the last 40 years. The mine site is located approximately three kilometres south of the town of Krumovgrad in southeastern Bulgaria.

While using a conventional open-pit mining, crushing, milling and flotation processing circuit, production employs innovative methods for water management and mining waste management. The operation is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and employs 90% local people. The mine produces gold concentrate which is then transported for further treatment.

The complex project for visual coverage of the construction process was proposed, planned and guided by Evgeni Dimitrov and was executed by the team of his Bulphoto Agency. The 40 minutes time lapse final video by 5 cameras working over 18 months is still used as a base for a several visual products of the factory - films, videoclips and technical instructional videos.